Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Apple iPad and the Photographer

Is the iPad a new useful product for photographers and photography in general?

Photo bloggers are already writing articles discussing using it to display your portfolio, transferring pictures to and from cameras, other computers and online galleries, photo manipulation software and even tethering it as a view finder for location shoots. Tim O'Brien discusses how the iPad can help visually impaired photogs. Check it out.

Apple iPad and Photographers - G. Dan Mitchell Photography blog

What the Apple Tablet Will Mean to Photographers - Scott Bourne PhotoFocus blog

What the Apple Tablet May Mean to Blind Photographers - Tim O’Brien Photos


  1. Thanks for the link to my post!

    tim o'brien

    PS you can learn more about Blind Photographers at our site:

  2. I say, heck yes it's useful for photographer's and the like. I can by an Epson P-3000 to backup my photo's on the go for $350+ dollars or just take my iPad with me and browse the web and check email.

    It's a no-brainer, IMO...