Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Apple iPad and the Photographer

Is the iPad a new useful product for photographers and photography in general?

Photo bloggers are already writing articles discussing using it to display your portfolio, transferring pictures to and from cameras, other computers and online galleries, photo manipulation software and even tethering it as a view finder for location shoots. Tim O'Brien discusses how the iPad can help visually impaired photogs. Check it out.

Apple iPad and Photographers - G. Dan Mitchell Photography blog

What the Apple Tablet Will Mean to Photographers - Scott Bourne PhotoFocus blog

What the Apple Tablet May Mean to Blind Photographers - Tim O’Brien Photos

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Pack Photography Gear - Chase Jarvis

Found this short video where Chase Jarvis demonstrates equipment packing strategies. He covers suitable bags and cases, common required gear and tips on how to deal with airline security.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journey to Nepal Slideshow in Half Moon Bay

Lars Howlett, photographer for the Half Moon Bay Review, recently trekked in Nepal and will present a slideshow of the journey at the Enso Gallery, on Kelly Ave in Half Moon Bay on Sunday, January 24, 5pm.

I enjoy Lars' photography and expect this to be an exceptional show. Photos are also on exhibit in the gallery until January 31. See links below for the gallery and articles he has written about the trek.

Among Mountains, Monks and Sherpas

An exhibition by Ocean Studio photographers
Michael Powers and Lars Howlett

Documenting the KarmaQuest expedition from the Coastside to the Himalayas of Nepal

January 1 - 31st, 2010

ENSO Gallery
131 Kelly Avenue in Half Moon Bay

Slideshow by Lars Howlett, Sunday, January 24th, 5pm
Sharing 200+ images telling the stories of the journey

Gallery open to the public during yoga studio hours as well
as Saturday mornings, Monday evenings and by appointment.

For more info see
or call (650) 726-1409

Links from a series written and photographed by Lars for the Half Moon Bay Review :

Article 1 : The inspiration and training for the expedition with organizer Karma Lama and adventurer Michael Powers

Article 2 : A visit to the Tengboche Monastery and a look at the spiritual side of the journey

Article 3 : Describing the ascent of Kala Patthar and the physical experience of the trekking

Article 4 : Being one with the tribe on the coast with Michael Powers and on the trail to Everest

Friday, January 22, 2010

GoPro video of Bart Willems surfing Mavericks

This is a tiny version of the video. Try clicking the full screen button for the best view.

From the notes on the YouTube video:

Bart Willems went for a session in 15ft surf at Mavericks on 2010-01-10 and documented a session on GoPro HD camera. A 3 hour session is condensed into 5 minutes of highlights.

Music by Jamie Shelly - Cherrybubblegumcity (thanks for making good music Skulpie)

Photos by Seth Migdail (thanks for sharing Seth)

Camera donated by VirtualAfrica -

Thanks you to all the local Mavericks surfers for sharing their Magnificent waves!
GoPro's latest camera is a tiny high definition (720p), mountable, wide angle, waterproof video camera for $269. I've seen these on skier's helmuts in Utah and I sure would like one.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big waves for California coast

Update: The wind knocked things down this past week but an even bigger swell appears to be on the way (good for pictures) but rain is predicted too (bad for camera equipment and comfort).

A large swell is approaching the California coastline and is expected to arrive on Wednesday, January 13 setting up some possible great photo opportunities. Mavericks could be big if the wind dies down. You might want to rent a big lens using the link below (wink, wink, say no more). The surf should be bigger then normal everywhere so please be safe!

Check out this web page for links to wave activity in the Pacific and a web cam for Mavericks.

Update: Strong southerly winds are making things pretty sloppy this morning. I see a boat or a jet ski at Mavericks but no riders. Wind is forcast to calm somewhat and change more westerly this afternoon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

BorrowLenses Promotion

Camera Gear Rentals

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