Friday, January 22, 2010

GoPro video of Bart Willems surfing Mavericks

This is a tiny version of the video. Try clicking the full screen button for the best view.

From the notes on the YouTube video:

Bart Willems went for a session in 15ft surf at Mavericks on 2010-01-10 and documented a session on GoPro HD camera. A 3 hour session is condensed into 5 minutes of highlights.

Music by Jamie Shelly - Cherrybubblegumcity (thanks for making good music Skulpie)

Photos by Seth Migdail (thanks for sharing Seth)

Camera donated by VirtualAfrica -

Thanks you to all the local Mavericks surfers for sharing their Magnificent waves!
GoPro's latest camera is a tiny high definition (720p), mountable, wide angle, waterproof video camera for $269. I've seen these on skier's helmuts in Utah and I sure would like one.

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