Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maverick's Photo Roundup

Several people have asked if I was able to photograph the Maverick’s surf contest this weekend. I was on my way to ski Kirkwood when I heard the Maverick’s competition was on. We had an excellent time skiing and I have no pictures from the contest.

Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

But there are plenty great pictures to view. The weather was excellent and the waves were huge. It’s not easy getting these shots since the breaks are about ½ mile offshore. Either you climb the slippery cliffs with a very long lens or you beg, borrow or pay your way on a boat to get the close-ups. As of Sunday night, here are some links to the pictures that I have been able to find.

Flickr has a “Maverick’s Surf Contest 2010” group with over 300 pictures.

I like to watch the group as a slideshow. It fills your browser window with the largest picture it can and border’s it in black. Maximize your browser and try it.

Several encore videos of the live action and commentary is on

Check out this raw video footage taken from the Channel 5 news copter.
Note: look for the "Chopper 5 News of Maverick's Surf Contest" video

The Sunday Chronicle has 2 stories on Maverick’s, one on the front page and another in the sports section.
Huge waves at Mavericks injure spectators
MAVERICKS - Biggest of the big waves

And the Chronicle also has 2 photo galleries of the event with over 200 pictures combined.

Regulo Zapata Jr. has pictures up on Facebook.

Slideshow in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

That’s a start and there are more out there. Some of the pictures are absolutely fantastic. The photographers caught beautiful angles with surfers framed by the curl of the wave, shots of wipeouts are captured second by second in burst mode and the spectators and the spirit of the event. It looks like Mavericks delivered big time this year and there are some award winning pictures that document it.


  1. Was there when they were playing, in constant rotation on Kron-TV, wave washing out the crowd. Said a silent prayer that you weren't in crowd. No one died but several got hurt and I bet it played havoc with digital, and for that matter, and any cameras. Folks I hung with in Berkeley have pictures of Mavericks.


  2. Thanks Jeff. I know the area well and would have been safe from the waves and up on the crumbling slippery cliff instead.