Monday, August 30, 2010

Answer - Friday Foto Quiz # 10

Did you guess what this person is doing? Keep reading.

His name is Robbie Virus and, in this photo, he is playing a theremin with his San Francisco based lounge band, Project Pimento. They have a new CD out entitled "Space Age Love Songs".

The theremin is an early electronic insturment, "invented in 1919 by the Russian scientist Leon Theremin" and often used to create mood music in science fiction movies. This instrument is played without actually touching it. The loop on the side and the antenna on top create an electromagnetic field. Disturbing this field with your hands will create a tone. Moving the hands closer and away from the metal antenna varies the pitch and volume of that tone, not an easy instrument to play well.

Robbie is the best I've seen on this instrument, at least live. His band continues to ride the tiki lounge wave playing all your favorite James Bond themes, a very cool and unique show. I also saw his name listed as a theremin musician in the credits of the first Hell Boy movie.

Click here for the Project Pimento web site.

Click here for a Google search for theremin.

Thanks for playing!

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