Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Backyard Bird Photography

In order to improve my skill sets for action photography, I took on the project of shooting birds in flight. Our backyard feeder attracts a large amount of colorful finches who do not seem to have a great fear of my presence, at least when I am sitting still. I take advantage of this virtually free opportunity and spend hours sitting, observing and photographing these creatures.

I have written my experience up as a tutorial (with some of my favorite pictures) and posted it to the Instructables web site. Instructables is a fun Do-it-yourself site with content entirely provided by the members. It is free to view and, if you would like to contribute, free to join.

My tutorial is entitled "Backyard Bird Photography" and clicking here will take you there.

This tutorial is also entered in thier Digital Photography Contest, so..., if you are a member of Instructables and are so inclined, you have my permission to vote for me.

Update: The tutorial picked up one of 5 first prizes, a weekend photography workshop put on by Popular Photography magazine. I know I need it and I guess the judges thought so too.

Fall colors

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