Thursday, June 25, 2009

Which Monitor Is Best For Editing Digital Photographs?

I have been looking for a new computer monitor and researching if any particular LCD monitor is best for editing digital photographs. The recommendation is for monitors built with IPS panels, which of course are more expensive then the standard monitors for sale that are made with TN panels. The one exception seems to be the 2209WA model by Dell which, as of this writing, sells for $279.

I find that these monitors are difficult to track down as the panel type is normally not listed in the specifications, but I found this list of recommended monitors - .

There is a note regarding the Dell 2007WFP monitor that states 2 different type panels were used and what you may get is not guaranteed. They also state that the 2209WA that I listed above uses an e-IPS panel, a cheaper version of the S-IPS panel found in the more expensive models. The fact that it is even on this list and in my price range makes the 2209WA very attractive.

IPS monitors generally have wider viewing angles, reproduce color more accurately and give a sharper image. The trade off is a relatively slower response time. This is a consideration if you play fast moving video games resulting in blurring or ghosting.

If you use a Macintosh computer with the 20” or larger Cinema Display, lucky you. According to this list you have an IPS monitor!

Want to read more about the difference in LCD monitor technology, try this page - -

Who knew? I love the internet. If and when I buy one, or discover more information, I'll write about it.


  1. Update: Dell has 2 stackable coupons, expiring July 1 that bring the price of the 2209WA down to $200.88 with free shipping, but add tax and environmental fee. See the details on

  2. I did purchase this monitor but delivery is not expected until August. Good thing I was not in a hurry. I'll add a review once it arrives.